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Saturday, 11 September 2010

A Bed of roses.

While out and about in town I discovered 2 plain raw a5 folders true I did not know what to do with them but I had to have them as with most things and as with most this they have lived in my craft studio for weeks with me giving them a second look. After a shopping trip in town I was looking at all those lovely school folders and thought I'll treat myself to one when I remembered the 2 I bought weeks before and with a little help from my crafty companion Hamish my dog we set out to jazz them up !!

1. I took the lighter of the 8x8 rose paper and rang double tape along all sidesand stuck it to the top edge of the folder and smooth down at the bottum of the folder there will be a 2 inch gap. which i used a sheet of the darker white roses and stuck it over the gap.

2.I used sticky copper foil and run it along the join of the two papers to give it a nice finish. Repeat this on the back of the folder aswell. I found that the paper did not cover the whole spin of the folder thus I ran a think statin ribbion along the spin to hid the edges.

3. Add on a emblishment mine is a square of eco board with the paper stuck om using tras-fix but more of that on the next blog to you love this folder as much as I do God bless emma.


  1. Its lovely. Really love the roses

  2. That's a fab idea honey... create the exact look that you want to go with any theme.... xxx