Welcome to the "Time to Sow" blog. Our aim is to provide craft materials with a Christian flavour for adults and children of all ages. Along side the craft products we have an extensive range of puppets in all shapes and sizes to help make teaching the gospel fun. So if you are Stamping, Scrapbooking, Decoupageing, Card Making we have everything you need. We also stock all the accessories like Inks, Embossing powders, tools, card stock, etc. so if you would like your craft to carry a Christian theme then we are the blog for you.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hougie Board day 2

What a wonderful day.Once again i have spent the day in the craft studio using the Hougie Board and have had so much fun! Today i was using our hobby fun range. its a sticky back plastic that you take you chose fabric and stick it to the see thou plastic and you can form boxes and folds that u cant to fabric, thus i had to use it with the Hougie Board.below are the results the embellishments and hobby are range are all av able on the time to sow website.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

beloved and cherished give away

well today i finally cleared out my craft studio and a good job too, i found some amazing stuff and such lush paper.i have been ask by Kay from hougie board to make up so samples for her tv show and i loved every minuet of it. then i got my dreamel 300. i stamped up a mirror and then ecthed over the top .
I have very low days and reminding of my blesses and only i can change this so when i saw this stamp i had to have it them i added the Cherey blossom round the edge and the humming birds and to be honest i love it maybe i went to much but i don't always no when to stop now i just have to find somewhere to put it.

PS for i forget have you seen this week beloved and cherished give away?
would u like to win this pair of ring boxes cupcakes so cute on any dressing table all you need to do like the beloved and cherished pages and place the comment win on this post you have till 10am Thursday good luck don't for get to spread the word love Emma

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

craft and chat

Good evening

Hope this post finds you all well and you all got a chance to enjoy the sun.

We are very lucky to live in a small English village that hosts a wonderful craft and chat group twice a month and its full of bead workers,card maker,quilters and knitters. The perfect setting for creativity.

I spent the most of the afternoon distressing tags then seeing what other people where doing and came back with a head full of new ideas,ie beaded tassel's

If you have a small craft group near you I suggest you guys should good and give it a try there so much fun and if there any news it be the first place to find out about it !

Monday, 18 April 2011

what new?

are you comfortable? now where to start First the time to sow website, have you noticed the monthly videos. the two hosts of the videos are Tim lockey and Mandy lockey owners of time to sow. as well as the videos with have changed the range have you seen the new designs for our in house range of world like honey? yummy!!what do you guys think of the new layout i personally think it much easier to read and use. Second new member's to the time to sow family! puppets on a mission (puppets),words like honey(trade),beloved and cherished(fair-trade gifts) and finally coming soon puzzles. Third new lines dufex decoupage,star form peel offs, and la pash decoupage/trinatage. Fouth we are lunching the whole family of company's at the cre (christen resource show) sandown esher London and we have free passes to the show to give a way so if want to see what's new then email us at info@timetosow.com and we will send them to you. well i think that's enough for tonight i don't want to give to much away may you be blessed in all you do

seasons change

wow has it really been that long since i last blog? i am shocked! anyway as u can see we are relaunching the blog,websites and face book.and hope u enjoy our new look and products off to cook dinner then i promise to curl up and tell you about all the new stuff happening at time to sow.