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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Mandys Poppy Panel 3d Decoupage

Good morning from the time to sow studio.
 Today  we want to share with you a second card  created by Mandy.once again she chose decoupage sheet and words like honey peel offs.

the material's used on this card can all be found on the website.www.timetosow.com.

Poppy Panel 3d Decoupage
Code: CCSD327
Cut Layer then Mount
2 Projects on sheet
Price: £0.40

5 x5 x2mm Double Sized Foam squares
Code: EMfpj3 3100
Double sized foam squares
Price: £0.99

Christian words of comfort Gold
Code: WLH0586G
Large sheet of Gold peel off stickers.

Ideal as that perfect finishing touch when card making.

Text Your in my thoughts and prayers
BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD peace be with you CONSIDER THE LILIES May the Lord be your comfort
Price: £0.75

Step One: Take the decoupage sheet and follow the number codes cut out each layer and build using the foam squares.

Step Two:Take your finished decoupage and place on to your car stock using double sided tape.

Step Three: take a boarder peel off and place round all four edges of the decoupage i find this lifts the design off the card and add a small bit of luxury to the card.

Step Four: Take your chosen peel off sentiments and add this  to you card stock. Mandy chose the words like honey Christian words of comfort Gold.

Step Five:Writeyour message inside and post

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