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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Vintage wooden print blocks

As many of you will know we have a number of websites in the time to sow family.
Tonight  I want to tell you about new items on Beloved and Cherished.

These wooden printing blocks are vintage for India used you print vasts amounts of fabric may colours if your lucky you be able to find most of the colours still on the block which i find part of there charm. here a link to see the full range starting from £2 up to £9.99 please have a look and dont forget theses are one offs. http://www.belovedandcherished.com/search.asp?catRef=351&s=23

Now I have used  them on the Cotton shopper bags for sale on the time to sow website with fabric pens and they work a dream so every time i go to the shops i have a new bag . here is one of the bags to show you please note all the inks and pens are on the time to sow website this project will also be September's video on the web site http://www.timetosow.com/

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