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Saturday, 2 July 2011

jam jam jam

 What a wonderful beautiful start the weekend and not just the weather.
      I thought I would  give card making a rest today and move in the kitchen I planned to do some cooking but was not sure what so only over coffee I had my Ipod on when Bob Marley came on with jamming and I thought perfect so I roped in a Friend and we went of strawberry picking.
      There is something so naughty but nice about eating strawberries straight of the plant in the sun I was in  heaven granted my friend eat most of the good one but we had plenty of jam making then we discovered the raspberries tents.
      I love them and these ones where so fizzy and ripe so I eatten most of those no idea what to do with the rest.
so my crafting project for next week and making really fun jam labels I hoping to keep them as Christmas's presents but I don't think  that they would last that long.

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