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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

twizzle wire bracelet kits

After coming off street pastor duty at 5 am I can never go straight to sleep so I end up looking online to see what new products our suppliers have. So when i came cross these twizzle wire bracelet kits my mind was spinning with ideas . I awoke Wednesday morning to the postman to a huge box full with wire and beads .So armed with a cup of tea and a chocolate orange myself and mum opened the box. After we stopped squabbling over the kits and
amazing colours I set my self to play and here are the results.

Each kit contains
  • twizzle wire
  • memory wire
  • beads
you will also need
  • wire cutters
  • round nosed pliers
step 1
make a loop at one end of the memory wire. This will stop the beads falling off the wire.

step 2
cut the twizzle wire to your chosen .IN the Misty Morning blue kit I used 2-3cm lengths,the Scrumptious Sliver kit i used 8cm lenghts.

step 3
Start by threading on a bead on to the memory wire then a piece of twizzle wire and continue alternating the beads and twizzle wire thou the whole lenght of the memory wire.

step 4
once your happy with your design finish of with a bead then using the pliers make a small loop at the end so the beads will not fall of this end either.

and your bracelet is complete.


  1. Very nice indeed... I love nothing more than making my own bracelet.. keep your individuality I think. xxx

  2. They look great, I love the twizzle wire.

  3. wow amazing i have always wanted to do this