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Saturday, 3 July 2010

when people say watercolours i think of charming artist in Meadows painting cow and country houses with big wooden frames and big white flapping shirts, but while on the stamp addicts retreat I've discovered water colour paints in tubes! there called niji water colour there are available on site later this week.

I found one of the best inks to use for watercolour to be brilliance, memento or versemark that been heat embossing like in"limited stock blog" see previous post. once the image is stamped up i take small amount of the paints and squeeze them on to built in palette. I then pick the colour up using a water brush pen and paint in the stamp. while at least that how i was taught at school,but as i have discovered you can use than as a acrylic paint surprised i was.
what you need is a mesh heat sheet, a colour duster and paints coordinating colours.

1) squeeze out small amounts of paint on to the heat sheet and pick up the colour using the colour duster.
2) use almost a stenciling technique tap and twist the color on to the card stock. as you can see this makes a for some quite eye catching back rounds to layer or stamp over top .

3)use the Brilliance Graphite Black Code: PERl BIP82 ink pad to ink up your chosen image I like to use Architectural Column Code: SBSG1060 as i think this technique makes for a good manly card.

4) take a white chalk pencil to high light parts of the stamped image.
5) for more depth use and back round stamp IE a text to stamp over the whole design.I find a nice copper or metallic colour ink help with the finishes look.

Enjoy and i hope to see you soon any questions tips or ideas please send me a comment and i try the best i can to help god bless, Emma.

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